Food & Beverage service

Affiliated to NCVT (Govt. of India)

Course Duration
This course is of 20 months (Inclusive of 6 months Industrial Training/”On the job” Training)
Entry Qualification
10 pass minimum for sitting in NCVT Exam
No. of seats
Total number of seats available for one academic session is 15
Job Prospects
  • Assistant stewards in star hotels and resorts
  • Steward / Hostesses in Speciality restaurants
  • Stewards in licensed bars & restaurants

Course Introduction

Steward is a restaurant serving vocational trade. The duration of trade is one year with two semesters of six months each. Students are taught to various topics during class teachings such as how to ensure/provide proficient and professional food and beverage service to the guests by meeting and also exceeding their expectations; welcome the guests by greeting them as per the standards; oversee the functioning of front office department or any other department in the Club when necessitated by circumstances and as mandated by the general manager, etc. the trade is career orienting in nature that opens many jobs for them in hospitality sector. There are many ITIs offering it due to its huge importance.


Semester One

  • An introduction and original catering Industry
  • Introduction to Hotel industry
  • Food and Beverage service organization
  • Food and beverage service staff Attributes
  • Food and beverage service Department Equipment’s
  • Restaurant operation
  • Coffee shop
  • Room service
  • Bar –be-queue/ live counter
  • Bill control and checking system
  • Banquet operation
  • Kitchen stewarding
  • Coordination and cooperating among all departments
  • Introduction to menu
  • French classical Menu
  • Introduction to service style
  • Guerdon service
  • Food accompaniments and Garnishes
  • Setting up at tables- handling of service equipments
  • Rules to be observed while waiting at the table
  • Hygienic handling of cuttery/crockery/ Glassware
  • Correct use of linen- waiter’s cloth, Runner/Table cloth, Napkins.
  • Laying and relaying table cloth
  • Napkin Folding
  • Laying a cover
  • Methods and techniques of different styles of services.
  • Setting up of side station.
  • Setting at room service tray and trolley
  • Theme setting of Banquet’s,
  • Receiving the guest, seating at the tableand serving water.
  • Presenting the Menu and Taking order Raising KOT, BOT and Food pick-up service.
  • Presenting the check and accepting the payments.
  • Inventory of Restaurant

Semester Two

  • Introduction to Beverages
  • Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages
  • Wines of the world
  • Beer
  • Spirit
  • Whisky
  • Rum
  • Brandy
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Tequila
  • Aperitifs and liqueurs
  • Alcoholic and Nan alcoholic cocktail
  • Tobacco
  • Bar operation
  • Beverages service department equipment’s
  • Food and Beverages control
  • Services of Tea and Coffee
  • Services of Non Alcoholic beverages.
  • Services of red wine, white wine and sparkling wine.
  • Service of Beer, spirits, compound beverages, preparation, service and dispensing of Mocktail and Cocktail’s.
  • Services of Cigars and Cigarettes
  • Services of Cheese, salad, Ice- cream and soup’s.
  • Drawing Lay-out of Bar and Restaurant.
  • Record keeping of a Restaurant and Bar.
  • Situation Handling
  • Practices of bar- tending as a juggler