Wireman (Electrician)


Course Duration
This course is of 12 months 
Entry Qualification
No. of seats
Total number of seats available for one academic session is 8
Job Prospects
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Set up repairing shop.
  • Domestic and Industrial Wiring.
  • Solar Energy Technician.

Course Introduction

Wireman is an electrical engineering vocational trade. The duration of trade is 12 months with two semesters. The syllabus for trade mainly comprises topics like how to repair and replace wiring and electrical systems in houses and factories; prepare the grounding system and connect wiring to the structure; install wiring, security and fire-protection systems. Trainees also learn installing lighting fixtures and troubleshoot electrical systems; read a variety of meters to check current values and the amount of current being sent or received. Trade has good job scope and self-employment as it opens many opportunities in various fields.

First Semester

Trade Theory
  • Various safety measures.
  • Demonstration of trade hand tools and equipment.
  • Practice of using trade tools.
  • Practice of different joint and soldering method.
  • Identification of different types of wire and cable.
  • Grouping of cells for a specified voltage and current.
Trade Practical
  • Fundamental of electricity and its laws.
  • Wires, cables and electrical accessories.
  • Chemical and heating effect of electric current
  • Cells and batteries.
  • Basic computers.

Second Semester

Trade Theory
  • Electrical measuring instrument.
  • Power and energy.
  • Electrical wiring system.
  • Electrical appliances.
  • Illumination
  • Magnetism and electro magnetism.
Trade Practical
  • Practice of measuring instrument.
  • Domestic wiring method and testing.
  • Installation of different electrical fixture.
  • Industrial wiring.
  • Practice on earthing.

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