Bakery & Confectionery

Affiliated to NCVT (Govt. of India)

This course is of 20 months (Inclusive of 6 months Industrial Training/"On the job" Training)

10 pass minimum for sitting in NCVT Exam

Total number of seats available for one academic session is 24

  • Assistant bakers in star hotels and resorts
  • Bakers/ Confectioners in chain bakery outlets
  • Set up own bakery shop

Course Introduction

Baker & Confectioner Trade is a non-engineering professional course with one year duration and having two semesters of six months each. The Trade course teaches students to respond to customer requirements, environmental constraints and commercial pressures. During the course there are many other aspects of the confectionery told to them. The course is very valuable as there are many career aspects after its successful passing both in private and government run hotels and the like other places. The duration of the course is one year with two semesters. There are many ITIs in the country offering this trade.


  • Cereals – Structure of wheat, wheat producing countries.
  • Milling/ Flour/ Yeast/ Salt
  • An elementary knowledge sources, properties and use of the following materials – oils, eggs, sugar & dried fruits.
  • Chemical leavening agents – such as baking powder, soda – bi – carb, cream of tartar etc. Preparation of ingredients. Movements of mixing.
  • Cookery & Bakery terms and Indian sweets.
  • Kitchen staff functions of the Bakery & Confectionery department in relation to the needs of menu.
  • Recipes – confectionery goods and Icing.
  • Baking temperature for bread and flour confectionery.
  • Hygiene – Place of hygiene in the catering industry. Pest control – control & eradication.

  • Straight dough, Sponge dough, Ferment method – Doughnut, bread, French bread.
  • Cakes, Cookies, Pastries (Short crust, Flaky, Choux, Puff pastry)
  • Indian Sweets
  • Food Production classes – Basic cooking (Indian, Continental & Chinese)