House Keeping

Internal Certification

This course is of 20 months (Inclusive of 6 months Industrial Training/"On the job" Training)

8 pass and above

Total number of seats available for one academic session is 10

  • Housekeeper Hotel
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Housekeeping Coordinator
  • Housekeeping Assistant
  • Private Housekeeper

Course Introduction

“Housekeeper " trade under CTS is one of the popular courses delivered nationwide through a network of ITIs. The course is of one-year duration. It mainly consists of Domain area and Core area. The Domain area (Trade Theory & Practical) imparts professional skills and knowledge, while in the core area (Employability Skill) imparts requisite core skills, knowledge, and life skills. After passing out the training program, the trainee is awarded National Trade Certificate (NTC) by DGT which is recognized worldwide.


Semester One

  1. Art of the house keeping and types of work done in the field of institution housekeeping. Importance about safety and precaution to be observed while handling the cleaning equipment and using of cleaning materials. Knowledge of General Safety, Occupational health and hygiene. 
  2. Knowledge of cleaning agents & equipment cleaning methodology (general cleaning principal, cleaning methods, cleaning schedules. Cleaning and maintenance of bathrooms and cloak rooms, Care and cleaning of all surfaces, (Metals, glass, Plastic, leather, floor covering –carpets, walls etc.) Cleaning and maintenance of public areas (corridors, staircases etc.) Cleaning of knowledge of different floors – tiles, marbles
  3. Different type of records such as room, check lists, engineering maintenance records room status/ occupancy reports, message register, guest request records of routine and periodic cleaning. Accomplishment records.
  4. Basic knowledge of flowers indoor plants and their care flower arrangements types and style adequate display.
  5. Basic knowledge of security principles, Fire fighting methods, first aid policy of the organization recording security and lost property.
  6. Introduction of waste, Classification of waste such as solid, liquid, papers etc. Source and generation of waste.
  7. Knowledge of different types of linen and laundering procedures and detergents for each handling of different laundry equipment.
  8. Knowledge of exchange slips between laundry and linen room.
  9. Importance of pest control. Procedure and methods of disinfectants. Schedule and duration of disinfectants.

  1. Introduction – Basic knowledge about Institute House Keeping, Institutional culture and ability. Personal development, personality, leadership, communication. Familiarize with the Institutional House Keeping and its importance. Type of work done in this field and tools and equipment uses. Introduction to safety equipment and their uses.
  2. Cleaning and maintenance of Different types of rooms of different sizes (bed room, offices living rooms of guest houses etc.). Perform dusting, sweeping, mopping and scrubbing. Cleaning and polishing of all the surfaces of office, guesthouse, hostels, bed rooms, reception halls etc.
  3. Maintenance of records and stocks - ability to maintain and fill all records and stocks.
  4. Maintenance of indoor plants and flower arrangements. Make simple flower arrangement, spray plants, care- water, and exposure to sun, manuring and placement.
  5. Maintenance of security safety and caring out first and fire fighting methods.
  6. Waste Management: - Supervise office waste disposal – Collection, Transportation and disposal etc.
  7. Carrying out laundry Procedures as per standards of cleanliness and time schedules.
  8. Deliver laundry as per time schedule. To fill and maintain the records.
  9. Pest Control: - Prevention to be measured by the following pest control: - Mosquitoes, house flies, cockroaches and termite etc.

Semester Two

  1. Knowledge of different linen and fabrics and sizes
  2. Mending & minor repair of linen. Maintenance procedure of requisition slips, stock registers, inventory sheets.
  3. Knowledge of availability in the market quality and source of the equipment & materials.
  4. Importance and safety precautions to be followed at the time of performing House Keeping procedure in sequence for Restoration of long un-used spaces occurred by closer, accident, unnatural death etc.
  5. Classification of fire in office. Basic methods of extinction of fire. Principles of working of different types of fire extinguishers. Principles of different fire fighting equipment.
  6. Basic Computer awareness in office management, Stony on windows & MS Office.
  7. Knowledge of the basic processes/methods involved in the activity sources/institution, which could be visited for a particular.
  8. Through knowledge of the activities to be taught familiarity procedure of work oriented activities.

  1. Pupils should be able to Recognize markings, stark linen accordingly
  2. Operate linen chute marking the linen handing it over to laundry cell. Receiving it back from laundry cell Storing it and issuing it to floor and dependents guests.
  3. Pupil is to perform to select and maintain and properly utilize the linen maintenance equipment and materials.
  4. Restoration of Long un-used Spaces: Methods to be followed by House Keeping Processes.
  5. Restoration of Long un-used Spaces: Methods to be followed by House Keeping Processes.
  6. Safety on fire, electrical, natural hazards. To identify the risk area in office. Supervising fire prevention activities. Demonstration & instruction by fire department or fire brigade.
  7. Basic operation of computer, Windows and M S Office, Practiced of Data Entry in computer.
  8. Demonstrate the activity help the pupils to carry out the activity.
  9. Evaluate the students as per the prescribed standards.