ADMISSION for academic session 2024-2025 OPEN


Follow these simple steps to get enrolled in Tibetan Private ITI, Dehradun:

  1. Download the “Undertaking Form“, request your guardian to fill it up and keep a copy of it as a image or pdf file.
  2. Keep a copy of every required documents separately as an image file or pdf file.
  3. Fill the online form and upload all the required documents where ever it is necessary. Each file size should not exceed 5 MB
  4. Wait for confirmation mail/call to receive from ITI admission office.
  5. Incase, if you didn’t receive any confirmation mail/message/call then make sure you contact our admission officer through the “Contact Us” page.

Make sure you’ve gone through all of the following norms and guidelines in prior to filling up the form:

  1. Admission Criteria
  2. Norms & Guidelines
  3. Required Documents
  4. Important Reminder
  5. Certificate Authenticity
  6. Upkeeping Contributions
  7. Training Guidelines



As the Centre is being set up primarily for the Tibetan refugee and destitute youth, first priority for admission in different trades will be given to them. Keeping in view these basic criteria, following shall be the admission procedure:

  1. Admission is open for everyone till further notice.
  2. As the number of seats in each trade is limited, final selection will be based on Merit.
  3. Candidates should be at least 18 years of age as on 1.8.2024 and under 25 years of age as on 1.8.2024. (Age:18-25) A special consideration of a maximum age limit up to 28 years can be given to the applicants of technical trade.
  1. Selection process in this institute is completely on Merit Based.
  2. Names will be listed in the trade of applicant’s first choice.
  3. Seat allocation will be 60% for TCV Ward, 15% for Non-TCV fee payee and 25% for Non-TCV fee payee under DOH (CTA-Department of Home) 
  4. Students with lower marks but with first preference in a particular trade will be given preference over another student with higher marks but having the trade as his/her second choice. (Eg. A candidate with 55% & Food Production as first choice will be given preference over another candidate with 65% &Food Production as his/her second choice & some other trade as first choice)
  5. The consideration of readmission for the trainees who had been enrolled in any other course in centre before can be given the chance to reapply only when there is an available vacancy in the trade where the trainee is applying again. Take note that the first consideration will be given to the fresh applicant in any trade.
  6. XII Science & Commerce students to be given benefit over XII Arts & Vocational as:
    1. Students with science background in their +2 will be given +5 points

    2. Students with commerce background in their +2 will be given +3 points.

    3. Students with arts background in their +2 will be given +1 points.

    4. Students with vocational background or NIOS will be given no extra points.

A duly completed application form, along with copies of the following documents, should reach the centre for off-line applicants.
  1. Personal Documents:
    1. Updated Green book & RC
    2. Aadhaar Card
    3. PAN Card
  2. Academic Qualification Docs.
    1. Transfer Certificate
    2. Character certificate
    3. Marksheet
    4. Pass Certificate
  3. Medical Fitness Docs.
    1. A medical certificate from a legally qualified medical practitioner having a photo of the applicant duly sealed and signed.
    2. Medical Record Book (TCV ward only)
  4. Others:
    1. Scholarship form (TCV ward only)
    2. Parent’s/Guardian’s undertaking – Duly signed (Form to be downloaded from our website). 
    3. 4 passport size photographs.
    4. Father’s/Mother’s Aadhaar card and PAN card

Students are advised to seek departure on their RC (Registration Certificate) before leaving to Dehradun/to apply for RC transfer as to avoid the trouble of going back to their state of domicile for extension between the academic sessions and to strive under the law.

It is mandatory for every applicants to submit the “Undertaking Form” along with the original admission application by the time of making first day report in institute along with all the original documents that are mentioned in “Required Documents”.

Private applicants seeking scholarship from DoE or any other Govt./Non-Govt. organization will have to make their own arrangment including correspondence and confirmation of the scholarship. Office of Tibetan Private ITI shall not be held responsible for any scholarship being rejected/refused to the applicant for what so ever reasons. In order to avoid such circumstances, concerned parents/guardian and students are advised to go through the guidelines of the scholarship being offered by any such organization.





Incase a certificate is found to be forged, the candidate will be expelled immediately with forfeiture of up keeping contribution paid in advance 

    1. The upkeeping contribution of trainees are as under: 
    • Rs.5000/- per month for Food Production General and Baker & Confectioner course.
    • Rs.4500/- per month for rest of the courses.
  1. Trainees need to deposit Rs. 5000/- (Non-TCV) as caution money at the time of admission (Refundable after completion of Industrial Training OR after completion of  No-Due Form on discontinuation)
  2. Contribution is to be paid in four monthly advance installment.
  3. Contribution installment is non-refundable in the case of students leaving the center in the middle of the session or during the Industrial Exposure Training.
  4. Medical expenses beyond Rs. 500/-for contribution-paying students are to be borne by the parents themselves or whoever is paying their upkeeping contribution.
  5. Refunding of security deposit either after completing or discontinuing the course must be claim within a year after the departure date (after completing No-due form).
  6. Environmental contribution of Rs 50/- per month for the duration of your course needs to be submitted at the time of admission.
  7. For the trade practical uniform, trainees need to deposit the stated amount; For Technical, Food Production and Bakery Rs-1200 and Food & Beverage, Beautician and SPA Rs-800/-

The following guidelines need to be remembered during the course of the Industrial Training/Permanent Employment period by all the trainees:-

  1. All trainees are to strictly abide by the rules and regulation and training schedule and set up by the Hotel/Workshop/unit where they would be training/working.
  2. Medical expenses will be refunded in total for TCV wards trainees falling sick whilst the trainee is actually undergoing training. However, refund will be made in fully only after submitting medical bill (in original) endorsed by the Hotel/Workshop/Unit. Trainees must inform Tibetan Private ITI office of any illness within three days of treatment.
  3. Tibetan Private ITI will not be responsible for any injury that may result in partial or total disablement or death if the same is attributed to the trainee’s negligence during the course of the training period.
  4. Tibetan Private ITI will not be responsible for any termination that may be set by the Hotel/Workshop/Unit. Termination of training will solely depend on the Training Manager/Dept. head. Any such termination will result to automatic termination of the training period and all the allowances thereafter shall be curtailed immediately.
  5. Tibetan Private ITI’s trainees will have to deposit the entire training period contribution at the Tibetan Private ITI office prior to the Industrial Training/Permanent Employment. No training period contribution will be refunded upon any trainee’s discontinuation on termination from Hotel/Workshop/Unit.
  6. The initial place of work would be at the first address given by the office. However your services are transferable/loaned/assigned by the Training Manager/dept. Head from one post or Dept. from another, or to any branch or establishment company anywhere in India or abroad.
  7. Decision taken of joining Industrial Training/Permanent employment will solely lie on the trainee. Tibetan Private ITI will not enforce any decision in the said matter. Thereafter, no trainee will be allowed to shift Hotel/Workshop/Unit during the training period. However, in genuine cases, permission needs to be obtained from the Tibetan Private ITI office and thereby training allowance will be provided accordingly.

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For Offline Application

We prefer "Online Application" but if you are in need to go for "Offline Application" then a duly completed application form, along with copies of all the required documents, should reach the centre for off-line applicants.


Undertaking Form

The “undertaking form” is to be filled up & signed by the applicant’s guardian only. This form further needs to be reached at Tibetan Private ITI’s admission cell by the time student make  their report in the institute.